E Liquid vapers are more likely to quit smoking, when compared to the path or gum.0

E Liquid vapers are more likely to quit smoking, when compared to the nicotine patch or gum.

Smokers that are trying to quite are 60% more likely to succeed when they switch to e-cigarettes with e liquid, rather than those that use nicotine product namely: nicotine patches or nicotine gum.

A study of approximately 6,000 smokers where studied over five years. The researchers state that e liquids play a vital role in reduced smoking and eventually cutting out tobacco related products. This would lead to a decline in tobacco related deaths and illnesses.

Tobacco is the number one contributor to cardiovascular diseases, and a common cause of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

Robert West from the University College of London’s epidemiology and public health department says that, “E-cigarettes could substantially improve public health because of their widespread appeal and the huge health gains associated with stopping smoking”.

The study was funded by the Cancer Research of UK and published in the journal Addiction. Robert West lead the study surveying 5,863 smokers between 2009 and 2014, who have tried to quite smoking without using medical prescriptions.

The study revealed that 20 percent of smokers were able to quit with the aid of e-cigarettes. Only 10.1 percent of smokers are able to quit with OTC aids, namely: nicotine patches or nicotine gum.

E liquid contains nicotine, the common stimulant correlated with traditional tobacco. It is known to be addicted, but extracted in pure form, it is then diluted into vegetable glycerin with flavors and vaped, rather than burnt in traditional combustible tobaccos.

E liquid and e-cigarettes are a new product and have become a hot topic. The public opinion of e liquids are divided. Some believe that e liquid are a powerful tool in quitting smoking, and others feel that e liquids are replacing one evil with another.

E-cigarettes still contain nicotine, so it does not resolve the issue of nicotine addiction. Some addiction specialist believe that e-cigarettes could end “the biggest public health threat the world has ever faced” – World Health Organization

The critics point the infancy of the e liquid and e-cigarette market. Saying that there has not been long term studies done on the safety of e liquids in e-cigarettes. Critics also fear that the flavors available in the market today may encourage non-smokers to start vaping.

Robert West does not deny that there has not been enough long-term studies on the events of e liquids, but says that the pros out way the cons of traditional tobacco.

“It’s not clear whether long-term use of e-cigarettes carries health risks, but from what is known about the contents of the vapour these will be much less than from smoking,” says Robert West.

Traditional tobacco kills 50 percent of all who are addicted to it, according to the World Health Organization; killing 6 million people a year.

Robert West points to the current evidence that smokers that use professional help from health clinics provide the highest success rates in quiting.

E liquids “almost triple a smoker’s odds of successfully quitting compared with going it alone or relying on over-the-counter products,” Robert West says.

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Note Quite Hippie – Sustainable Living0

Nowadays we have difficulty obtaining, fresh, cost efficient, pure organic produce in urban areas. Aquaponics are the way to go and has spent many years developing a sustainable system that provides fresh, Non-GMO produce right to your local neighborhood.

You ask, what are aquaponics?  According to wikipedia, “Aquaponics, is a food production system that combines conventional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment. In normal aquaculture, excretions from the animals being raised can accumulate in the water, increasing toxicity. In an aquaponic system, water from an aquaculture system is fed to a hydroponic system where the by-products are broken down by nitrogen-fixing bacteria into nitrates and nitrites, which are utilized by the plants as nutrients. The water is then recirculated back to the aquaculture system.” Source:

Simply put, aquaponics provides a self sustaining system that uses aqua (fish) with hydroponics.  Thus creating a symbiotic, self sustained system.  The waste produced by the aquaculture (fish) supplied nutrition for the plants to grow hydroponically.  The plants then change the waste and purifies the water back into the fish, thus mimicking the natural waterways of rivers.  Aquaponic has created a unique environment that will truly be the way of the future.

From roof tops, to garages, to remote villages, you can setup an aquaponics system to provide fresh fish and vegetation.  Many people ask if aquaponics is organic.  Though not all aquaponic systems have been certified, no pesticides are used in the process.  Aquaponics is a natural process, and fish food is the only input into the aquaponic system.

Remember that you are what your eat, literally.  As the world gets older, it becomes harder obtain clean vegetation and meat.  An aquaponic system provides an answer to some of the worlds  most promote problems today.  For more information on aquaponics contact:

E-liquid Embraced by Non-smokers0

For those trying to quit smoking, many products are available on the market today.  There are still some, which want to give up the toxins, but don’t want to give up the benefits of nicotine.  What are positive aspects to nicotine you ask?  Nicotine is known as one of the most beneficial cognitive enhancers known to man.

There have been some studies that have shown adults with ADD benefit from nicotine.  The chemical found in e-liquids, can help those struggling with focus.
The evidence of nicotine and attention span dates back to 1996, in an article published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information, states that, “Results indicate significant clinician-rated global improvement, self rated vigor and concentration, and improved performance on chronometric measures of attention and timing accuracy.”
The risk to benefit ratio was considered negligible when considering the risks connected to traditional tobacco, but now that electronic cigarettes have come to market, the benefits of nicotine have made it possible for ADD patients to obtain toxin free nicotine.

Improved Memory!
A study from Georgetown University states that, after six months of nicotine administered to patients, the patients regained up to 46 percent of their normal performance for their age on long-term memory tests.  The placebo group test scores dropped by 26 percent.
The FDA told congress, “If we could get all of those people [who smoke] to completely switch all of their cigarettes to noncombustible cigarettes, it would be good for public health,” Mitch Zeller, director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products said today at a hearing that could help determine the fate of e-cigarettes in the United States.
E-cigarettes are clearly the healthier alternative, and science may be uncovering more benefits from pure nicotine without the toxins.  As former smokers loosen their grip on traditional cigarettes and the world loosens its negative association with nicotine.  We may find more benefits to nicotine than previously know.


The Danger of E-Liquid Abuse0

E cigarettes have been touted as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes.  All thing being equal, this seems to be a correct assumption.  E-Liquid and e cigarettes appears to be as safe as any other kind of nicotine delivery system, such as patches.  Indeed they have been touted as a method of smoking cessation.  However a recent article in the Kansas City Star suggest that there is a danger in the misuse of e-liquid, the liquid infused with nicotine that is used in e cigarettes.

One danger stems from the fact that some commercially available e-liquid is flavored to taste like, for example, bubble gum.  This fact has raised the specter of misuse of e liquids by children.  Some e cigarette stores have already discontinued selling containers of e liquid that have certain flavorings that might be attractive to children.

A bigger danger stems from the fact that the amount of nicotine contained in a refill of e liquid is often uncertain.  The amount is thus far not regulated and sometimes one can experience difficulty finding out how much nicotine is in a refill container.  Some manufacturers do not actually list ingredients or percentages in the oils that make up the e-liquid.

Nicotine remains an addictive substance and consuming it in any form has to be done with care. A user of e cigarettes should inform his or her self on how much nicotine he or she is consuming, the better to avoid a nicotine overdose.

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