The Faith Factor In Losing Weight

If you don’t have faith that you can and will lose weight, then you can’t and won’t lose weight. Faith is a scientific as well as spiritual principle. It’s spiritual in the sense that it can’t be perceived by the five senses. For example, you can see the effects of wind blowing but you can’t see the wind nor what’s causing the wind. Faith is scientific in that there’s a particular method by which faith causes the effects you want based on how the mind is structured or how it works.

If you know how the mind works, you can then have a reality-based faith that it’ll produce the results you want. — But then it’s no longer faith or belief; now it’s a knowing. You know it’s going to work just like you know two plus two equals four. All you have to do is know and apply the method.

So, how does the mind work and what’s the corresponding method? The first thing to understand is that what we’re talking about here is self-control. We weren’t designed with marvelous physical, mental and emotional faculties without the means or method of controlling them. That wouldn’t make any sense at all. You wouldn’t have arms and legs and not be in control of moving them in virtually any way you want to move or use them. Likewise, you wouldn’t have thoughts and feelings without also having the means by which to control those thoughts and feelings. Same with your appetite. You couldn’t have an appetite without also having the means to control it as well.

The second thing to understand is that your overeating is a habit, and all habits — good, bad or neutral, are located in the subconscious part of your mind. And the only way to treat something that’s subconscious is to separate yourself from the thing you’re habituated to. Your habit is a mental and/or emotional attachment — to food in this case, and the opposite of attachment is detachment.

So the solution or method is to mentally and emotionally detach yourself from the food you’re eating, while you’re eating it. You and the food are not one thing, but are two separate entities. The method is about keeping the two separate. Keeping them in their respective positions. One as just provider of fuel to live, the other as just consumer of fuel to live. Everything else is secondary — such as how good it tastes, looks and smells, how nutritious, the amount of fat and calories, etc.

Separating yourself from food in this way gives you the clarity to know whether you’re eating for the right or wrong reason, to know when the body is sated, and the power to effortlessly stop at that exact point.

This is The Law of Detachment Weight Loss Method

Yerba Mate, Guarana, and Damiana For Weight Loss

With a multitude of weight loss products available over the counter, it is sometimes difficult to know which ingredients work best to burn calories and fat in a safe and natural manner. Yerba mate, guarana, and damiana are three ingredients that have beneficial weight loss properties. All of these preparations are plant-based and have been used as health supplements for a number of years.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate, a South American beverage that acts as a natural stimulant, is derived from the stems and leaves of a rainforest tree found in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. For centuries, yerba mate has been a staple of the indigenous South American diet as a drink that offers increased energy, mental clarity, and various health benefits. Yerba mate is a naturally caffeinated substance that contains antioxidants, fifteen amino acids, and a total of twenty-four vitamins and minerals.

Yerba mate is used as an ingredient in weight control formulas due to its effectiveness in raising the metabolism, helping the body to burn excess calories, and suppressing the appetite. This substance also slows the process of gastric emptying so that feelings of fullness last longer.


Guarana, a popular ingredient in natural energy drinks and weight loss pills, is produced from a creeping shrub with small red fruits that is found in the rainforests of Brazil and Venezuela. A stimulant with a high concentration of caffeine, guarana is consumed for the purpose of promoting physical endurance and sharpening mental focus. Guarana seeds are a significant source of xanthine alkaloids and tannins.

Guarana is thought to be a beneficial ingredient in weight control supplements, as its caffeine content stimulates fat loss and naturally curbs the appetite.


Historically used by Latin Americans as a sexual stimulant, the Damiana shrub is commonly found in Texas, Mexico, and California. In recent years, damiana has shown to be effective in treating a number of health issues, including depression, headaches, colds, and fatigue. Damiana leaf is a stimulant that is rich in aromatic oils and beta-sitosterol.

Damiana has several properties that work to facilitate weight loss. It is effective as a laxative that eases constipation and removes waste from the body. Damiana also naturally raises the body’s metabolism and increases energy levels.

When used in conjunction, yerba mate, guarana, and damiana (YSD) form an herbal solution that has been proven in scientific studies to produce weight loss in obese people. Although there are many supplements that contain these ingredients independently, there are only a few that incorporate all three such as Zotrim.

Laxative Diet and Weight Loss

If you are interested in losing your weight in a faster way, then you can go for the laxative diet. It has gained so much popularity because people find it easier to adapt than using the dieting route to lose weight. Laxatives are usually advised by doctors to persons with constipation problems. Though questions have often been raised about their efficacy, yet they are gaining popularity as a means to lose weight.

You may want to know as to what exactly laxatives are? Actually they are formulated for stimulation the bowels. In a way, due to their ability to interfere with absorption of food, which results in less of food being absorbed by our intestines, they induce significant amount of weight loss. This fact is being exploited and laxative diet has become a raze amongst the weight losers.

People desirous of losing weight use laxative in the form of pills, liquid form or as laxative tea. Laxatives act upon the large intestine to get empty. Since less of food absorption takes place in large intestine and no absorption takes place in small intestine due to laxative effect, persons start losing weight.

Losing weight using a laxative diet may result in the body moving on the verge of getting diarrhea. This may cause severe weakness.

It has been seen that people usually depend on laxative tea to lose weight. This tea contains herbs like blackthorn, aloe, sienna roots, acai berries…etc which have laxative properties. Sometimes laxative pills are also taken along with tea to speed up weight loss results.

Sometimes people take laxative tea with master cleansing diet, as a result of which they just get lemonade tea as diet which lacks solids. As a result person continuously suffers from stool pressure and diarrhea. Person may think that he has lost lot of weight, but actually he loses body water and not weight. This imbalance is corrected by the body within 3- to 48 hours. So it can be said that laxative diet

does not help in losing any weight and all that is lost is water, which is again regained by the body.

Laxative diet is fervently recommended by the dietitians and media but they conveniently hide the side effects of the laxative diet. Actually this diet regime may lead to lots of side effects like stomach cramps, dehydration, bleeding in the rectum, chronic constipation…etc. This diet plan can also lead to deficiency of minerals and vitamins in the body. This diet lack nutrients vital for the body so it may be termed as the unhealthiest way to shed those extra pounds. Withdrawal symptoms like mood swings, weakness or constipation may appear if laxative diet is taken over a long period of time.

Therefore, instead of going for a laxative diet to loose weight, it is best to side with proper weight loss methods under expert guidance to avoid any health complication arising in your body in long run.

How To Lose Weight In A Week – Is It Really Possible?

How to lose weight in a week is a question that many people ask these days. The obesity rate in America is increasing every year and people are looking for ways to quickly lose weight. The problem with this is that losing weight can take time if you want to be healthy about it. It is going to be hard work, but there are things that you can do to lose weight in a week. This article will discuss tips on losing the weight and plans that you should avoid.

Low fat diets do not work at all. Food products that are low in fat have been around for over 10 years now, yet our country seems to get more overweight each year. Low calorie diets do not work and are not healthy for you. Limiting your body to a certain amount of calories a day is not very good for it. Your body needs those calories for energy and to burn fats as well. You may lose weight for a few days, but it won’t last.

Low carb diets are good in theory, but very hard to follow through with. For the average individual, it’s going to be too difficult to follow the strict diet and foods you have to eat. Most people will get bored easily and stop after a little while. Programs such as Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers work as long as you can stick with it. They average about 2-3 pounds of weight loss each week, so it will take some time if you are overweight. Most of you are looking for quicker ways to lose weight and fortunately there are alternatives like the ones below.

I recently discovered a program known as “calorie shifting”. This involves eating the right meals at the right times. The system works for dieters that have failed with other programs and plans because it is simple to follow and understand. Lots of people have had very good results using this strategy, but it must be used properly. If followed properly it is possible to lose 9 pounds every 11 days. The main feature of this “calorie shifting” system is a diet generator that calculates your menu everyday. You can customize easily and put in the foods that you like to eat the most. This is great because you can continue to eat the foods you love and still lose weight.

Losing weight does take hard work, but if you follow through you can learn how to lose weight in a week. There are a lot of plans out there that are hard to follow and execute because of how strict they are. “Calorie shifting” is not one of those. There are many happy users that keep losing 9 pounds every 11 days. Compared to other weight loss programs it is very affordable.

Phentermine: An Effective Drug for Weight Loss in an Organic Way

Weight gain and obesity is a major problem these days, and the basic reason behind it is a bad lifestyle. However, with proper diet, calorie counting, and exercise one can reduce their weight effectively if one follows a strict routine. But many times it is seen that losing weight can be a lot more difficult, and in that case, one can take help of some of the best weight loss drugs. One such weight loss drug is phentermine, and it is used along with a regular diet which is strict on sugar and fat and daily exercise.

About phentermine

Phentermine is a weight loss supplement or drug which is approved by the FDA, which can be found in the form of phentermine pills from authentic online stores. Initially, it was combined with some other weight loss drugs and formed a supplement called fen-phen. It is very similar to the amphetamine and should be used in a controlled way. Sometimes phentermine is combined with topiramate to make it more effective.

It is usually used for a certain time period, and the most common dosage time is of 12 weeks. With regular consumption of this drug, one can lose from 5% to 10% of the body fat for an overweight or obese person whose BMI is either more than 27 or 30 in case of obesity.

After gradual use one can see their weight decreasing, lessening of the circumference of their waist and even control over blood sugar level.

Working of phentermine

This drug is basically effective in reducing one’s appetite, means it is an appetite suppressant. In medical term, they belong to anorectics class. Now that these drugs reduce one’s appetite, a person will eventually eat less and will have less cravings of unhealthy and fatty foods. Phentermine reacts on the neurological level, as it can increase the concentration of neurotransmitters in the body. Increased levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine lead to loss of hunger and cravings in a person. One can get the diet pills phentermine prescribed online by an authentic website easily and hence can start their routine as soon as possible.


Now that getting phentermine no prescription is so easy and can be found everywhere, one should be careful with them too as it is quite easy to develop a resistance towards it.

But if taken in proper doses and for a fixed time period they can have their benefits too. Some of such benefits are:

  • One can attain their target body weight, which leads to a happy and healthy lifestyle and also helps in preventing various diseases which are caused due to obesity.
  • Now one will not have to undergo medication for a longer time period as phentermine shows result within a short term only.
  • Unlike other prescription drugs, it will not make anyone feel tired and exhausted.
  • And the biggest advantage of phentermine is that after stopping the prescription dosage one will not gain unnecessary weight just like other stimulants and weight loss drugs in the market.

An Effective Seven Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

When asked about the one thing that people would like to change about their physical appearance, the most common answer would be to get a slimmer physique or to loose unwanted weight. People are generally very conscious of the extra pounds that they carry and since no one likes being fat, following some sort of crash dieting to get back to shape seems to be the only option.

An effective seven day diet plan is something that might seem apt here because it works wonders in affecting weight loss. It allows one to loose 10-15 pounds every week when followed properly. In addition to this, it also uplifts the spirit of a person by means of its systematic cleansing effects. On day 1 of the dieting week, one should eat only fruits for all three meals. Keep in mind that banana is an exception while all members of the melon family like watermelon or cantaloupe are recommended.

For Day 2 of the dieting week, one can consume only vegetables throughout the day. One can have any vegetable apart from potato. It is alright to stuff yourself until you are full and as long as you are boiling the vegetables, it is completely fine. You can also eat the vegetables raw but using oil while cooking is strictly prohibited. Day 3 is a combination of the food for Day 1 and Day 2, meaning one can have a combination of boiled/raw vegetables and fruits with the exceptions of bananas and potatoes.

Day 4 is basically a liquid diet, one should consume only bananas and milk. On an average, people consume about eight bananas and three glasses of milk on Day 3. One can also have a bowl of vegetable soup minus the fats or grease. Next is day 5 when one can indulge because the menu comprises of a cup of rice and six whole tomatoes. It is also important to drink lots of water on this day as it would flush out the excess uric acid produced by the body.

The sixth day would permit consumption of vegetables along with one cup of rice. As far as Day 7 is concerned, one should consume one cup of rice, boiled/raw vegetables and fruit juice. When the dieter wakes up the next morning, i.e. on the eight day, he/she would be about 10-15 pounds lighter. This dieting cycle can be repeated as often as one wishes but it would be advisable to keep a gap of 3-4 days between the repetitions.

Cereal Diet For Weight Loss

If you are searching for a great kick-start diet for weight loss, a cereal diet is a reduced fat, lower calorie, temporary diet that will provide you with a great beginning to a longer-term weight loss program or a fast remedy if you want to get rid of just a couple pounds. Keep reading to discover ways to lose weight with a cereal diet.

• Eat a wholesome cereal for your morning meal every day. Enjoy a single portion or around 3/4 of a cup full of cereal with 1 % or skim milk and include a bit of fresh fruit like a few strawberries, a wonderful banana or blueberries.

• Enjoy a mid-morning quick snack of some fresh fruit, uncooked veggies or a reduced fat cereal bar.

• Have a bowl of cereal for a noon-time meal. Have the kind of cereal that you enjoyed for your morning meal or select a different type that you like. Add in milk and fresh fruit also and think about switching it around every time you eat or adding several fresh fruits to the bowl of cereal to make it fun.

• Have fresh fruit or vegetable munchies in the day mid-way between lunch time and the evening meal to put a stop to urges and decrease temptations to cheat. A few ideas include things like fresh fruit, a fruit cocktail cup, uncooked veggies with a reduced fat dip, lower fat cereal bars or one helping of a prepackaged 100 calorie between meal snack.

• Have a reasonable evening meal. Due to the decrease in your total caloric consumption throughout the day with the cereal diet, dinner may be almost anything you prefer, within reason. Proteins are a great idea for dinner since a big part of your various other daily meals is carbs. Have a good meal so that you get satisfied and take pleasure in your food.

• Have a quick snack at night like fresh fruits, veggies, a cereal bar or even an extra bowl of cereal with fresh fruit when you are extremely ravenous.

• Stick to your diet for fourteen days after which you can add variety to your daily diet based on recommended per day consumption of meats, vegetables and fruits, breads, cereal and milk products to make sure you are obtaining sufficient nourishment. Even if this diet can lead to weight loss over a temporary time period, this is simply not a lasting weight loss answer.

• If you would like changes during the cereal diet, think about having cereal for the morning meal and the evening meal sometimes rather than breakfast and lunch time and even for lunch and dinner rather than breakfast. Switching things up can make the two-week diet much easier to survive.

• Take a multivitamin so that you receive sufficient nutrients since you are lowering your caloric consumption greatly along with required substances like proteins and dietary fiber.

• Have lots of liquids during this diet to stay nicely hydrated, particularly if you are planning to incorporate working out into your diet program.

• For those who have health issues or worries, you must speak with your physician regarding the basic safety of the diet prior to starting it.

• This method is a reduced calorie diet that will jumpstart a weight loss program. However, it must not be used for a long time or you may experience a deficiency of important nutrients.

Weight Loss Benefits of Massage

There is no question that having a massage makes you feel great. Even having a deep-tissue, sports massage makes you feel wonderful afterwards. Massage can relieve stress, help you recover from hard physical activity or injury and even reduce anxiety, but can it help you to achieve your  weight   loss  goals?

Research shows that massage can have a positive effect on your muscle-building capabilities and fitness levels, which in turn increases your capacity to control or loose weight.

Healthy strong muscles burn calories and give you the freedom to participate in all sorts of sports and activities that can help you burn excess calories and improve your overall fitness and wellbeing.

Massage has the following benefits that can directly influence your ability to control or loose weight:

1. Massage has been shown to improve circulation and the supply of nutrition to the muscles. Massage increases the interchange of vital substances between the blood and tissue cells, which increases tissue metabolism. After muscles are exercised, vital nutrients must be supplied to them so that they can recover and rebuild themselves. Massage maximizes the supply of these nutrients and oxygen though increased blood flow, which helps the muscles to grow and burn more calories as a result.

2. Massage improves your muscles’ range of motion and their flexibility. This allows them to maintain maximum power and performance while active, and burn the maximum number of calories in the process.

Improved range of motion and flexibility also reduces muscle soreness during periods of recovery and muscle repair.

Having a wide range of motion and maximum muscle flexibility also reduces the danger of experiencing injuries during exercise which can severely limit activity, exercise and  weight   loss  progress.

3. Massage helps to shorten the recovery time needed between your workouts. Waste products such as lactic and carbonic acid build up in muscles during and after exercise. Increased circulation to these muscles helps to eliminate toxic debris buildup caused by these waste products and in doing so shorten recovery time.

Shortened recovery time means you can safely have more workouts over a given period of time, which in turn means that you have the opportunity to burn more total calories in your effort to achieve your individual  weight   loss  goals.

4. Massage can also help reduce the chance of you over-training. Massage has a relaxing effect on the muscles and a sedative effect on the nervous system. By helping you to rest, which is a very important element of any exercise program, massage can reduce the likelihood of you experiencing over-training syndrome, which is known to limit your ability to build strong healthy muscles and therefore loose weight with maximum efficiency.

5. In addition to all of the above, massage may directly aid in fat loss. According to some research studies, massage is thought to be able to burst the fat capsule in subcutaneous tissue so that the fat exudes and becomes absorbed. In this way, combined with proper nutrition and exercise, massage may actually help in  weight   loss .

6. As we have already touched upon, massage helps prevent and heal injuries. By stretching connective tissue, massage improves circulation to help prevent or break down adhesions and scar tissue that result from muscle tears and other common muscle injuries. Massage also influences the excretion of certain fluids (nitrogen, phosphorous, sulfur) that aid in tissue repair. Fast and effective recovery from injuries means that you can begin exercising sooner after suffering an injury and getting your  weight   loss  progress back on track.

So there you have it. Massage has a lot of benefits that can indirectly and possibly even directly aid you in achieving your  weight   loss  goals.

Regular massage is just as important a component as regular workouts and correct nutrition in any comprehensive fitness and  weight   loss  program, which is great news for those of us who thought that exercising and losing  weight  was all hard work! Remember,  weight   loss  is all about leading a balanced lifestyle and massage is an essential part of any balanced lifestyle.

If you haven’t had a massage lately, what are you waiting for? Get on the phone and make yourself a booking. If you haven’t had a massage before, just remember to have your massage done by a qualified massage therapist.

If you are unsure about a massage practitioners qualifications and experience, ask for referrals, professional training information, and make sure they are certified by reputable agency or institution.

And remember, have fun!

Confused About Where To Begin Getting Weight Loss Help?

With the wide variety of choices available when it comes to getting weight loss help, it is not surprising that many people wind up confused about which dieting and weight loss plan is right for them. From organized dieting and meal plan programs such as Nutrisystem, Medifast and Weight Watchers to proper workout routines and personal trainers, putting the pieces together can be overwhelming and cause many people to put off improving their health even further. In this article, I will outline the areas where you need to make decisions and hopefully point you in the right direction so that you can create a dieting and weight loss plan that fits both your lifestyle and your fitness goals.

Determine Your Weight Loss Goals

Everyone’s situation is different when it comes to weight loss needs. Some may simply want to shed that extra 10 lbs from an otherwise fit body and others may be suffering from morbid obesity and need to achieve dramatic weight loss to avoid life threatening issues, still others may want to pack on as much muscle mass as possible. Answering this basic question will dictate which health and fitness approach is best suited for you and the weight loss help you will need. For example:

• People looking to just shed a few pounds may want to focus on aerobic exercise and a low calorie diet and meal plan

• Those seeking lean muscle mass will definitely want to focus on weight lifting and bodybuilding exercises along with a high protein diet and possibly bodybuilding supplements.

• Those who want conditioning for endurance events such as marathons and triathlons should focus on distance training and maintaining proper energy levels.

• Someone who is suffering from obesity may consider more drastic levels of weight loss including prescription diet pills or even weight loss surgery.

Once you have figured out which approach fits you, the next step is to determine which exercise routines go hand in hand with the weight loss goals above.

The Right Workout Program

Depending on the goal that you establish above, your workout routine can take on many forms. Aerobic exercises are geared towards raising the heart rate and the body’s ability to burn calories. An endurance program will likely also include aerobic activity but often make less use of machines and are conducted outdoors. Bodybuilding workouts will rely on heavy weight lifting and less aerobic activity.

Workout programs for those who are significantly overweight should at first be very low impact and be constructed of basic exercises that can be done without weights or machines. As is the goal with any weight loss help program, you will also want to consume fewer calories than you burn which leads us to Nutrition.

Finding the Perfect Diet Program

Dieting is perhaps one of the areas where people have the most difficulty when seeking weight loss help. Many are unable to stick to a diet, which is essential in order to reach your goals. No time to cook, bland food and poor eating habits can all undermine even the most effective diets. At this point you want to take inventory of yourself and you eating habits and try to figure out if you can create your own low calorie meal plan or whether you might get more benefit from organized weight loss programs that have predefined healthy diets. Whether it’s low carb, low fat or low calorie, you must stick with it to lose weight. Something most people fail to realize is that most diets work. It is the dieter that often fails the diet and not vice versa.

Diet Pills and Supplements

It is impossible to research dieting and weight loss help these days without being exposed to various diet pills and supplements. Some claim to be miracle cures and others are proven, prescription strength medications. Whether or not you take supplements and diet pills is up to you. There are many places to find information on the top diet pills []. And if you have any doubts, speaking to a doctor or nutritionist can help you make sense of all of your options.

Weight Loss Surgery

For those suffering with obesity and the related medical conditions, weight loss surgery may be an option. Consulting with your doctor about these procedures is the smartest way to go about discovering if you are a candidate for bariatric surgery. This is not something you want to take lightly as these are serious medical operations. Many weight loss surgery [] options are very effective in promoting dramatic weight loss and if your health is at stake, it is wise to investigate further.

In Conclusion

Finding a dieting program and obtaining weight loss help doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you take stock of what your personal needs and goals are. By researching each component one at a time, you’ll soon have in front of you a healthy plan for maintaining your weight well into the future.

Types of Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Though there are alternatives available for losing weight, like following a diet plan, workouts, using weight loss supplements can be an effective method of weight reduction. People should be cautious while choosing these supplements. There are some qualities which an effective weight reduction product should possess. They are,

  1. Suppressing the appetite
  2. Effective Fat Burner

The natural weight loss supplements can be the solution to the obesity issue. Though various diet pills are available around to pick, the natural supplements are an attractive option to choose. Though these are natural we can’t consider being honky dory. The reasons may be the fewer side effects or its availability. Even the diet pills are now packed with the natural supplements like hoodia, glucomannan etc. Among these supplements, the best appetite suppressants are Hoodia Gordonii, Glucomannan, Garcinia cambogia, green tea and African mango.

Hoodia: Scientifically called as Hoodia gordonii. In a research conducted, hoodia is said to contain a molecule called P57. This is said to be stronger than glucose. P57 affects the working of hypothalamus making a person to feel full by suppressing the appetite. It also increases the rate of metabolism by which the fat burning is made possible.

Drawbacks: Safety is unknown as its potential side effects; interactions with medicines have not been extensively studied.

Glucomannan: This is another extensively used natural supplement for losing weight. It can be found in many of the diet pills like Lipozene. It is extracted from the Konjac roots which are found in the regions of Asia. It fights the obesity by suppressing the appetite. In general, glucomannan stands for the nemesis of obesity by absorbing the water and expanding its size in the stomach after it is consumed and creates the effect of satiety. This fiber is found to be extensively used for type2 diabetes, constipation, controlling the levels of cholesterol, blood sugar etc.

Drawbacks: The glucomannan if not used as suggested can cause side effects like bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, gastric problems, difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

Garcinia cambogia: Also known by names such as HCA, the fruit rind of the plant is used for treating the obesity. It is said to prevent the storage of fat and is also works for suppressing the appetite. It also works for decreasing the belly fat. The extract of Garcinia helps to control the cortisol levels in the body by which the stress levels can be controlled.

Drawbacks: It may lower the levels of blood sugar, headache, nausea, skin rashes, digestive tract discomfort can be the side effects.

Green Tea: Produced from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, its extracts are well known for treating the obesity and other complications like breast cancers, skin cancers. It is also used for protecting the skin from the damage caused by sun and controlling the cholesterol levels. It is very useful when taken moderately. It presence can be noted in various weight loss supplements like avesil etc.

Drawbacks: Green tea extracts contain caffeine which may cause anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, irritability and frequent urination in minor cases.

Bottom Line:

These are some of the listed natural supplements and their drawbacks. Other naturally available supplement is African mango which is loaded with fiber helps in suppressing the appetite. Though the above supplements has side effects, can be considered to be safe if taken under moderation.

Top Weight Loss Pills

Obesity refers to a state of being over weight. It not only is hazardous to your health but also a major reason for many psychological problems. According to a study of International Journal of Obesity bias based on the obesity of a person is stronger than any other bias and unfortunately it is more socially acceptable.

Weight pills or obesity drugs are the most sought way to loose your extra pounds. Weight loss pills are the pharmacological substances that help you loose weight.

Broadly speaking weight loss pills available in the market can be categorized in two main sub categories:

1. Prescription Pills: Prescription pills are those for which you require your physician prescription. They are recommended in case of clinically obesity as they are intense in action than OTC pills. However they have advantage over OTC weight loss pills in the sense that they are clinically tested and the results they claim are proven.

2. Over the Counter (OTC) Pills or Food Supplements: OTC weight loss pills on the other hand are not that intense in action but they are not tested for the claims they make. A large number of people who use OTC weight loss drugs are those obsessed with cosmetic weight loss syndrome as the wish to have a model figure is a pandemic phenomenon nowadays.

However, both prescription and OTC weight pills have their side effects which vary from headache to life threatening conditions.

How the weight loss pills actually work is attributed to the function they perform in your body. It may be one of the following three ways:

1. Suppressing Appetite: Appetite suppressers are also called the anorectics and composed of agents like sibutramine. They are widespread in use and are the oldest of the kind dating back to 1950s. Appetite suppressers are a proven yet short-lived solution to obesity. Majority of them are prescription drugs and usually combined with diet and exercise plans. They directly affect the sections of your brain that control appetite. Hence, the side effects may range from headache, dizziness, nausea, hair loss to high blood pressure and strokes also.

2. Changing your Body Chemistry by Altering the Processes: Body process altering pills are those which work by affecting your metabolism rate. These drugs are usually made of substances like rimonabant though this agent is mainly an appetite suppresser. High rise in body temperature, stomach problems are the typical side effects of metabolism enhancers.

3. Inhibiting the Absorption of Certain Nutrients: Absorption inhibiting agents may be further classified in three categories:

a. Fats Blockers: Fats blockers are substances like orlistat that restrain the absorption of the fats in body. They are the most neutral long term weight pills. But they are the prescription drugs due to their unnatural origin. Side effects may include disturbance of digestive system like oily and loose stool and nausea.

b. Fats Burners: Fats burners are the most popular solutions meant for short-lived effect. Nervous system problems, heart palpitations and high blood pressure may be the side effects of fats burners. Examples include thermogenesis and lypolisis.

c. Carbohydrates Blockers: Carbohydrate blockers are usually meant for those already suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2. Examples include metformin.

Do the weight pills really work? The answer of the question is manifold. A certain pill may prove to be a magic pill for one person and it may do nothing for the other. Reason for this is attributed to chemical construction of the body, genetic factors, stress level, dietary habits and body metabolism.

Does weight loss pills are really effective depends upon how effectively you take them. Certain elementary precautions that need your attention before starting a weight loss program are:

* Seek the advice of your physician

* Discuss the side effects and immediately consult your physician in case of any

* Strictly follow the instructions which come with the weight loss drugs

* Do not overdose – it may lead to lethal outcomes

* Change your dietary habits and follow an exercise program

* Keep evaluating your weight; do not use the drug over a long period of time; you may become addicted to it

Choosing the best weight pill for you from the umpteen number of weight loss solutions in the market is not the whole thing, it’s just a start; you will loose weight only if you are committed to yourself. It needs a viable change in your dietary habits and a strict exercise plan to help you have your ideal weight otherwise the problem will resurface soon after you stop intake of weight loss pills!

7-Keto Benefits a Weight Loss Regimen

As a naturally occurring active metabolite of the hormone DHEA, 7-Keto-DHEA plays an important role in several processes in the body. 7-Keto-DHEA levels decline throughout life, but levels can be brought back to normal with supplementation. Users receive classic 7-Keto benefits including lower cortisol, improved immune function and an easier time losing weight and keeping it off.

How 7-Keto-DHEA Works

7-Keto-DHEA increases the rate of weight loss primarily by increasing body temperature through the process of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is also increased by other supplements, such as DHEA, caffeine and ephedrine, but these substances often carry unwanted side effects, such as high blood pressure. Enhancement of thermogenesis, without the side effects, is one of the most important 7-Keto benefits. Adding to its advantages is the fact that 7-Keto can be used even in very large dosages without causing toxicity. One study found that test animals suffered no ill effects while taking the equivalent of 40,000 mg a day, which is about 200-400 times the standard dosage of 100 or 200 mg daily recommeded dose.

The increased metabolic rate brought on by 7-Keto-DHEA allows dieters to continue to enjoy benefits long after starting their diets. Instead of suffering from sluggish metabolism brought on by a low-calorie diet, users experience steady metabolic elevation and avoid hitting a plateau in their weight loss.

The thyroid hormone T3 is also increased by 7-Keto. Some weight loss supplements, such as l-tyrosine, increase fat burning by raising T3, but T3 levels eventually crash with their use. On the other hand, 7-Keto keeps T3 levels high in users, letting them shed pounds continually. Scientists have noted that this rise in T3 remains within the safe, normal range, letting users reap the rewards of heightened T3 while avoiding the downfalls associated with having too much.

7 Keto Benefits for Weight Control Issues

On its own, 7-Keto-DHEA is not a miracle weight loss supplement that causes users to lose fat with no effort at all. Combined with a diet and exercise program, however, primary 7 Keto benefits of reduced cortisol, raised T3 and enhanced thermogenesis combine to make weight loss far easier. 7 Keto benefits include lowering cortisol, letting individuals train harder and more frequently during their regimens. This is just one more way that 7-Keto-DHEA facilitates weight loss.

Along with its other advantages, 7-Keto-DHEA also improves the body’s use of insulin, preventing fat gain. Compared to other modern weight loss supplements, 7-Keto covers more aspects to give dieters a serious edge in their fitness efforts.

Paleo Weight Loss – How Protein Is The Key

Are you ready to get started on the Paleo diet and are asking yourself if you can actually lose weight? Let’s take a closer look at Paleo weight loss then!

The Paleo diet is one of the fastest growing lifestyle changes people from all over the world are making. I’m sure you have seen it getting talked about everywhere from every day people to infomercials to celebrities!

The changes to people lives that the Paleo lifestyle can make is amazing and for that very reason, the Paleo diet eating plan is one of the hottest lifestyle changes doing the rounds! And it comes as no surprise looking at the normal diet of folks today! Paleo converts are saying just how much more energy they have, increased mental clarity and indeed the great benefits created by Paleo weight loss!

What’s also fantastic about living the Paleo way of life is that there really isn’t as many changes one must make as people think! It’s not crazy, hard to eat or make food and killing yourself in the gym!

So if you are sick of busting your hump with the merry go round of harsh limiting diets, why not try the Paleo diet? Most diets fail because there are way too many changes and a lot of physical activity demands. Sadly, 90 % of people on a new diet or exercise regime quit within three short months. That is because the changes are not sustainable. With the change to Paleo, make a few significant changes to your eating integrated with some regular exercise and you too can start to feel better and enjoy some motivational Paleo weight loss.

How is the Paleo Diet any different?

Well, first up is that it is easy to stick with and as paleolithic nutrition addresses different areas to most diets, the weight loss you will see is also different… and quick to see!

Protein, the key to Paleo weight loss…

Your body doesn’t simply want protein… it NEEDS it and the Paleo is perfect for intensifying protein in your body. Protein is not only an essential for weight loss but also helps with the food and snack factor as you will feel fuller for much longer!

This is very important because once you are feeling fuller and more satiated, you just won’t be tempted as much to grab the closest and quickest snack. And all of us know where that normally leads… fast food, chips, chocolate or something else unhealthy!

Paleo weight loss and protein also works together due to the fact that the protein helps your body to burn stored fat cells. Your body is built to work out how to break down all the food it consumes. This is especially so with junk food and processed food. By eating a lot of natural protein, the body will actually start to work on breaking down stored fat cells instead!

Paleo Weight Loss and Exercise

Now let’s be real. I would love to tell you that you can lose weight by just nutrition alone. And honestly, some people actually can! That being said, for most of us and also to get the full benefits of all the protein and good stuff the Paleo diet gives you, you will need to get some regular exercise. The good thing is that it’s nothing crazy or demanding and as you will already be starting to feel better, you will actually enjoy and look forward to exercise a lot more!

Weight training on the Paleo is amazing and will give you awesome results with all that extra protein and reduced intake of rubbish, unnatural food. However just simple exercise like regular walking and jogging, team or individual sports, or even yoga or Pilates will supercharge your Paleo weight loss!

After all, your body is already burning fat with the changes you have made with your protein intake. Why not add a little exercise to really pack some punch!?

Similar to anything good in life, the Paleo diet will take some commitment to secure the results you want. The benefits you will receive however will greatly outweigh any question marks you may have over your ability to execute this.

Here’s to you and your increased health, vitality and of course, Paleo weight loss!

Natural Weight Loss Based On Individual Body Type

Shedding body fat is usually a setback for many people. With the various fat loss and diet plans nowadays this problem is usually bigger than it should be. Additionally, some of us who prefer to enjoy a wholesome way of life by implementing a diet or fitness program to retain our suitable body weight occasionally fall short of our desired goals in spite of our dieting plans. For this reason it’s of importance to understand the natural elements of successful fat loss according to your unique body type.

The very first thing that needs to be communicated would be that the fat loss and dieting industry is a business first and foremost. For this reason, revenue generation can frequently end up being the major focus of many businesses within this kind of industry. Actually only some businesses are this way, nevertheless there are a number of those that take advantage of an individual’s need to get rid of excess fat and keep the perfect body weight. This could result in investing hundreds or even thousands on various diet programs while there is certainly no need for such actions.

The second thing that many of us should realize is not every fat loss and diet program is designed for all people. Quite a few popular diet programs are termed as “Generic Diet Plans”. These types of fat loss programs typically claim that just about anyone can shed weight using their system and do at times provide ideal outcomes, however that is not often the case for every individual. The reason is not everyone’s body is exactly the same and a generic diet plan is not going to work exactly the same for one person as it might for another.

In order to efficiently reduce weight an individual will need to follow a nutrition plan which is developed for their unique body needs. Once we become older our bodies change and so will its dietary demands. Certain foods we might have been able to enjoy for the most part of our teenage to young adult life may become factors for extra fat gain and poor health. Once we age our rate of metabolism alters after a while and the body can’t absorb certain food calories exactly like before. This kind of transformation does not necessarily occur with every one of us, however for those who are vulnerable to this specific genetic condition, burning excess fat can become fairly hard.

There are several body type groups that all of us fall under. For many years diet and health experts have described these body types and also the suitable meal plans needed as a way to retain a healthy body weight. Programs based upon these kinds of eating plans are known as “Customized Diet Plans”. Customized diet plans derive from an individual’s distinct body type in addition to calorie requirements. This kind of weight loss program is not like a number of other existing weight loss programs which generally starve you into shedding weight and you do not need to consume unappetizing meals.

With the customized diet plan it’s not necessarily about how much you consume as it is with what you consume. Once again, this particular diet program doesn’t require depriving yourself or requiring you to consume meals that are not appealing. This method to weight loss is based on genetic makeup and specific body requirements. Burning fat the natural way is often the most effective and most successful method to fat loss and that is just what a customized diet plan is about.

Just like any similar weight loss plan, should you want quicker success, integrating a workout program along with your customized diet plan is usually a good option. As pointed out at the beginning of this article, successful fat loss does not have to be as great of an obstacle as it has been made out to seem. When you have determined your unique body type it’s just a matter of consuming meals depending on your body’s individual requirements.

Think Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the hottest topics ever. Everyone seems to be trying to lose weight nowadays. Most diet programs are about weight loss and body weight is often used as an indicator of fitness progress. But, this is an incorrect approach.

Your ultimate goal should always be to lose fat and reducing excess body fat is what you should be concerned about. Weight loss and Fat loss is NOT the same thing! Many people confuse the two terms, often believing that they mean the same, when in fact weight loss and fat loss are very different from one another. This article will help you understand how weight loss is different than fat loss and how fat loss is far superior to weight loss in almost all ways.

What Is Weight Loss?

(Weight Loss = Muscle Loss + Fat Loss + Water Loss)

Weight loss is attempting to lower your total body weight. It simply refers to a lower number on a scale.

Your body weight is composed of all the parts of your body such as muscles, fat, bones, water, organs, tissues, blood, water etc. When you lose weight, you lose a little bit of… fat, muscle and water.

You lose fat but very little and along with the fat you lose muscle and some amount of water. The higher you reduce your calorie intake, the faster you drop weight and the more muscle mass you lose.

Do know your muscle matters? Loss of muscle affects your health and your overall appearance.

When you lose weight too quickly, your body cannot maintain its muscle. Because muscle requires more calories to sustain itself, your body begins to metabolize it so that it can reserve the incoming calories for its survival. It protects it fat stores as a defense mechanism to ensure your survival in case of future famine and instead use lean tissue or muscle to provide it with calories it needs to keep its vital organs such as your brain, heart, kidneys and liver functioning. If you reach a point where you have very little fat or muscle, your body will metabolize your organs to keep your brain functioning leading to heart attack, stroke and liver and kidney failure.

As the body loses more muscle mass, the body’s overall metabolic rate decreases. The metabolic rate is the rate at which the body burns calories and is partly determined by the amount of muscle you have.

So the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate; the less muscle you have, the lower your metabolic rate and fewer calories you burn. This explains why it is crucial to protect your metabolic rate and not have muscle loss.

Loss of muscle also leads to loss of tone underneath the skin leaving you soft and unshapely with no form or contour. If you lose weight too rapidly, your skin won’t have time to adjust either. Also muscle is what gives you strength and loss of it means a weak body.

With weight loss you shrink in size and become a smaller version of yourself with a fragile frame with saggy skin.

Weight loss works in the short run to make you smaller but is temporary, almost everyone rebounds and regains the weight. This forces you to find another diet. And then another one, and another one – because eventually they’ll all fail.

What Is Fat Loss?

(Fat Loss = Loss Of Stored Body Fat)

Fat loss is attempting to lower your total body fat – i.e. the percentage of your total body weight that is made up of fat.

The right approach for fat loss is to exercise smartly and eat intelligently in a way that maintains muscle and focuses on fat loss exclusively.

The muscle you have is not there forever. If you don’t feed it and don’t use it – you lose it. A proper plan with right combination of resistance and cardiovascular training with adequate progression and a right nutrition plan to support it can help you achieve this. Exercise only boosts the burning process but doesn’t just melt the fat away on its own – if you do not create a deficit and feed the body too much – it won’t touch the stored fuel reserves. On the hand if you drastically cut your calories and do not feed your muscle properly or don’t exercise and use your muscle, you will lose it. Fat loss is about finding that right balance.

With fat loss you maintain the muscle and keep the metabolic rate running high. You also develop stronger connective tissue, tighter skin and stronger bones and joints. With fat loss you transform your body.

Fat loss is a lifestyle approach where you give your body what it needs without depriving and shocking it with threat of starvation. You get to see slow but permanent steady progress.

It may sound odd, but it’s possible to get thinner without actually seeing a change in your weight. This happens when you lose body fat while gaining muscle. Your weight stays the same, even as you lose inches.

Lets see how this happens.

Fat tissue is very loose and not dense. It occupies a lot of space in your body. Whereas muscle is more dense and takes up less space. When you lose fat, this space is freed and you can notice inch loss. If you are following a consistent strength training program then gain in lean muscle tissue will balance out this loss of fat and weight stays the same. Since muscle takes less space than fat, you lose inches and start to look more toned, lean and shapely.

consistent strength training program then gain in lean muscle tissue will balance out this loss of fat and weight stays the same. Since muscle takes less space than fat, you lose inches and start to look more toned, lean and shapely.

Myth: “Getting fit” means “Losing weight.”

Truth: Getting fit means lowering your body fat percentage!

Weight Loss Plan For Women Over 40 – Why Slow Is Better

Many weight loss plans for women over 40 can be difficult. By this time, some women over 40’s New Year’s resolutions are already almost forgotten, given up in frustration or simply tossed aside. The vast majority of resolutions involve changing diets and attempting to eat foods that promote weight loose and better heath. One reason so many fail is an over-optimistic, complete makeover of eating habits. Drastic changes rarely stick; it’s really hard to give up old habits and make a 100% change.

Rather than starting out with a bang, then fizzling completely out, its more doable to take a look at changing just a few things in your diet. To hasten shedding those 10 pounds, start this month targeting sugar intake. For example, you can exchange just one can of soda for water. During the next few weeks, try exchanging 2 soda’s for water. Most health experts advocate water over diet versions of soda, as water is a much healthier choice. In one year, over 60 pounds of sugar will be eliminated from your diet by this simple exchange! This is one of the slow and steady tricks that adds up to an amazing number of calories over the course of a year.

Sugar is implicated not only in weight gain but in many chronic diseases effecting increasing numbers of Americans. Type 2 diabetes is linked to excess sugar and refined grains, certain cancers may be aggravated by sugar, and even Alzheimer’s disease may have a sugar connection.

While you are cutting sugar intake, look at the breakfast cereal, muffin, or pastry you start each day with. Replacing these with a bowl of cooked oatmeal with fresh fruit not only decreases fat and sugar intake, it provides a burst of healthy nutrients and fiber to your day. Increased fiber intake can help burn those calories faster, helping you achieve more rapid weight loss. Fiber keeps the digestive tract in good working condition and helps protect the cardiovascular system. As usual, when eating healthy foods you get multiple benefits.

Another area that can be easily addressed is fat consumption. Try this simple switch. Rather than buying two percent or whole milk, buy skim milk. Add it to your coffee, oatmeal, recipes, or enjoy a glass with a meal. Saturated fat has been closely linked to heart disease, so again, not only will you lose weight, you’ll protect your health.

Another simple exchange is using natural nut butters instead of margarine which is loaded with trans-fats. Avoid butter which is full of saturated fats. Instead use nut butters on toast or bagels. Cooking with olive oil rather than butter saves calories and speeds weight loss.

One of the easiest changes that promotes weight loss is portion control. Look at your plate and figure a 10 to 20 percent reduction in portion size. Leave some of the plate empty. Enjoy the foods you always eat; just eat a little less each meal. Over a year, using only this simple technique, you can lose 10 to 20 pounds or more.

So, if you are a woman or know of a woman who needs a weight loss for women over 40, you can follow these simple weight loss tips today.

Benefits of Plums For Natural Weight Loss

A plum is a delicious fruit when eaten alone or in fruit salads or cut up in cereals and yogurt. It can also be cooked up to make compote or sauces for dessert dishes.

Plums are very nutritious and contain potassium, Vitamin A, Magnesium, Iron and fibres which keep us healthy and full of energy. They also prevent platelet clotting which may result in diseases like Artherosclerosis, High Blood pressure, Stroke and Coronary Heart Disease.

It also prevents constipation and removes toxins from the body. In this you can lose weight naturally.

Plum contains citric acid that can prevent tiredness and muscle cramp. It improves gastrointestinal and liver function and thus prevents constipation.

So start eating plums to keep healthy and beautiful and also to lose weight.

Summing up, you should eat plums for various purposes. You can get various vitamins and minerals from these, improve your circulatory system, digestive system and your heart’s health. It will also help you to stay active and energetic.

You can follow the tested diet plans for weight loss. These plans contain everything you need in order to lose the excess weight without any hard workouts. These diet plans can be easily used by the family to lose weight and to stay slim thereafter. Many times, people lose the excess fat and then regain it after some time. But with a good diet plan, you will stay in figure forever and be able to increase your body’s metabolism to lose the excess calories and fat.

The Guaranteed Best Weight Loss Program

If you want to lose weight, selecting the right weight loss program is absolutely essential to your success. There are a seemingly unlimited number of weight loss programs available on the market today so how can you decide which one is right for you? This is a question I see a lot from both men and women looking for the right program to follow. It’s a confusing situation to be in I can imagine; wanting to lose weight but not knowing which program best serves your needs. So what do you do?

Well, the purpose of this article is to discuss various aspects and concepts surrounding weight loss programs in hopes that it will help you be able to select the appropriate program for you. First things first!

1. Identify what you REALLY want

What do you really want from your physical body? My online fitness coaching clients hear this from me all the time. At first it may seem like a pretty silly question, but it’s not. I’ve learned that the vast majority of people seeking weight loss really aren’t really that interested in losing weight at all. It’s true! In my considerable professional experience, the majority of people seeking professional fitness coaching aren’t looking to lose weight as much as they’d simply like to feel good about themselves and avoid the pain associated with the social pressures of being overweight. Weight loss isn’t their true desire, it simply provides them with the things they are really wanting. In fact, I will go as far to say that most people really want to eat whatever they want to eat, do whatever they want to do and live their life as they deem appropriate. I’m not pointing fingers here, that’s what I’d like to do too. However, being human means we have social pressures and expectations. At this point in history we are told that a lean, toned physique is sexy, attractive and desirable. I believe that this is the reason most people seek weight loss programs, not because of a true desire to be lean, but an intense desire to be wanted, to be sexy, to be considered attractive and to feel good about their body when surrounded by people who’s opinions they consider important.

It’s perfectly alright to seek weight loss for any reason at all; because you want to feel attractive, feel confident in your body or to attract prospective love interests. Whatever your reason for seeking weight loss, it’s very important that you identify your REAL reason for this pursuit. Once you’ve accurately identified this reason/reasons, motivating yourself toward that goal/goals is a much more enjoyable process. Once this happens, the weight loss process is not so much about the weight as much as it’s all about you! And that is exactly how it should be.

2. Determine commitment boundaries

This concept is perhaps the most important of all. I have seen people spend thousands of dollars on weight loss programs only to abandon that effort just days into the program. They over-committed themselves and were not able to follow through. Every weight loss program has a few things in common. Each of these things will vary from program to program, but the basic components remain:

  1. Frequency – how often you must workout
  2. Intensity – how much effort and intensity you must put into your program
  3. Time – how much time you must exercise each workout
  4. Type – the type of exercise(s) you will be doing during a program

This actually has a common name. We in the fitness industry call this the F.I.T.T principle. Beyond these basics which are usually associated with the exercise components of your program there will also be nutritional requirements to any quality weight loss program that fit perfectly into the same acronym:

  1. Frequency – describes how often you will eat each day
  2. Intensity – how rigid or lax your diet is
  3. Time – how long you must eat this way
  4. Type – the kind of food and nutrition methodology being used

These are going to be present in any well-developed weight loss program. Your success is dependent on what you are realistically willing and able to commit to with regard to each of these factors. Let’s face it, purchasing a weight loss program does not guarantee success, you must follow the program to achieve results. For instance, if your program requires a very strict diet with seven days of intense exercise each week but you aren’t a disciplined dieter and have never worked out before, this hypothetical program probably isn’t the one that is going to serve your needs best. Perhaps you need a program that has a more developmental approach and allows you more food and exercise options.

3. Beware of programs that claim to be for everybody

I’m not saying that there aren’t programs that could benefit anyone and everyone, but I am saying that you are more likely to be successful when you sign-up for a program that is directed at people just like you. Programs that attempt to cater to everyone are typically designed to produce sales more than results. These programs tend to be very demanding, have very rigid diet expectations and often lead to injury for those not prepared to handle the demands the program requires. Do your homework and find a program that is designed with you in mind.

When I began developing my Body Fat Meltdown weight loss program for women a lot of people told me I’d make more sales if I would only market it to everyone; men, women, older, younger, everybody. While this is undoubtedly true I couldn’t ethically do that because I know that each of these groups of people have their own unique set of needs and desires when it comes to physical fitness and weight loss. Therefore, I developed the Body Fat Meltdown program specifically for newly motivated women wanting to lose weight without requiring a gym membership so they could work out each day for thirty minutes or less wherever and whenever they wanted. I wanted it to be ideal for the at-home exerciser or for women who need to workout with minimal equipment while traveling. It needed to take away all excuses for a newly motivated weight loss participant and that’s what it does. By providing exact diets and exercise instructions the Body Fat Meltdown program ensures success if a woman will simply follow it for ninety days. This is an example of a program that has a targeted audience, a specific purpose and a meaningful method of progression that will lead this specific group of participants toward their weight loss goals.

4. Make sure the program is challenging, but livable

Be honest about the type of program your lifestyle will allow you to partake in. Fitness is an evolution so where you are in life now may not be where you are down the line, but you must be able to manage your weight loss program within the current boundaries that your life provides. For instance, if you are a single mother with two small children at home you probably are not going to stick to a ninety day program where you have to eat brussel sprout and cabbage soup at each meal while exercising sixty minutes two times each day. It’s just not sustainable. Every program has it’s nutrition and exercise requirements so it’s up to you to make sure that those requirements will challenge you to improve but that also fit into your current living arrangement.

5. The best weight loss program is one you’ll finish

The most effective program in the world is useless if you don’t do it. I know this first-hand. I’ve has women sign-up for my Body Fat Meltdown weight loss program and proceed to lose twenty-four pounds in the first thirty days. On the other hand I’ve had women sign-up and never even attempt the first training program yielding a result of exactly nothing. The best weight loss program you can invest in is one you will participate in, be challenged by and finish. I can name at least a hundred weight loss programs off the top of my head that have produced amazing results for their participants. Conversely, I can assure you that every one of those programs also has people who purchased, then barely participated, quit and spent hard-earned money for no results whatsoever. Ultimately the results you get begin and end with you. They are dependent on the factors we discussed above and are absolutely determined by your participation and completion of the program.

Take these five factors and use them to weed through the vast wilderness of weight loss programs available to you. Find a program where you are the targeted participant, one that you can realistically participate in and sustain from start to finish. If you do these things I firmly believe you will be successful in your effort to lose weight and look and feel great.

Quick Easy Guide to Weight Loss and Dieting for Beginners

Are you sick of being overweight? Does the reflection of the person you see in the mirror not match who you wish you were? Well, you’re not alone because obesity is one of the evils that are plaguing the modern society. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it’s not as easy as just following weight loss tips, especially when they lead a hectic lifestyle that goes far beyond the standard 9-to-5 routine.

However, don’t be discouraged because you’re not in this fight alone. Today, we will talk about some of our most favorite tips for weight loss and how to use them all in your day-to-day life.

Best weight loss tips

1. Remove distractions at the dinner table

According to experts, people tend who tend to eat while watching television usually end up consuming larger servings. This is one of the worst overeating habits that people hardly talk about. So, remove the television set and pay attention to what you’re eating and how much you’re eating.

When you eat slower, the stomach will have the necessary time to signal that you are full and have not eaten too much.

2. Throw out the temptations one by one

To lose weight, you must remain faithful to the weight loss regime. And to remain true to your routine, you must get rid of all temptation foods from the freezer, cabinet, and kitchen. Get rid of all fatty foods and excessive sweet substances and replace them with low-fat snacks that don’t contain a lot of calories. Sugar-free pudding and low-fat popcorn are our favorite health snacks.

3. Stop the bad habits

Old habits die hard is a common saying, but what does it mean in the context of weight loss? While most of us were raised to believe that it’s not okay to waste food because there are starving children all around the world, the truth is you should not consume everything that’s on your plate, especially if you’re someone who is trying to follow the best diet to weight loss.

It’s important that you listen to your body and stop eating when you’re full, eat six small meals a day instead of three big ones, and avoid the trips to KFC and McDonald’s whenever possible.

4. Find an exercise buddy

While it’s evident that a practical exercise routine should be a part of any weight loss process, it would do you good if you found yourself a workout buddy. When you work out with someone who shares the same goal as you, it’s easier to keep each other motivated, share health food recipes, spot each other at the gym, and not to forget share healthy meals together.

But what do I eat to lose weight?

Listen, we know that you’re excited and nervous at the same time with the thought of not getting to eat your favorite snacks. But dieting doesn’t have to be that hard. The last thing you want to do is go on a crash course diet that causes rapid weight loss but makes gaining back weight even faster.

Remember, weight loss is a gradual process, and without a solid plan to guide you along the way, the end result will be less than satisfactory. Not to worry; we can tell you about some food to eat for weight loss so that you stay right on the path of your goal.

Food like apples, yogurt, almonds, avocados, grapefruit, green tea, and green leafy vegetables can substitute for snacks when you’re following weight loss tips. These not only have less calorie content but also come with vital nutrients to keep us healthy.

Sticking to a fixed dieting regimen, not skipping breakfast, not eating too much and frequently eating in small amounts also can help you a great deal.

Can everyone follow a weight loss regime?

Yes, everyone can lose weight if they have a proper exercise routine figured out and are following the best diet to weight loss. Just remember to take it slow and steady in order to adopt a lifestyle that sustainable. Permanent changes to one’s lifestyle are the only way to remain at the target weight or else its back to square one all over again.

Even though our guide barely scratches the surface of the huge industry focused towards losing weight, the tips we’ve mentioned will be a good starting point towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

Top 10 Points of Encouragement for Weight Loss

On the road to weight loss, fitness, and health, you can easily become discouraged. In fact, discouragement is what leads many people to give-up when they may have been near a point of significant progress and encouragement in their program.

I’ve put together my “top 10” points of encouragement to help keep your spirits high on your road to weight loss, fitness, and health.

1. It does get better – and often very quickly! Many people that are significantly overweight or that have been sedentary for a long time, find any activity, even walking a few hundred feet, to be very difficult and uncomfortable. Be encouraged, many physiological changes happen very quickly once you start moving. Walking, for example, starts getting easier and more comfortable within a couple of weeks. Keep moving – every day will be a little better! Be encouraged!

2. I love this lady’s story. It just makes you want to cheer for her while sitting at your computer. Margie from Madison, Wisconsin weighed 296 pounds when she started walking in her neighborhood. She says she started by walking about half a block twice a day and that it was incredibly difficult at first.

After the second day she had decided to quit but a neighbor encouraged her to continue. Every day she walked the same route but added a little distance each week. She says there were many days when she wanted to quit, but she wanted very badly to lose weight and be healthy. After several months the people in her neighborhood started noticing her consistency and her progress and started giving her compliments and words of encouragement. She said that after a few months of walking, it went from painful to enjoyable.

About ten months into her walking program, she began her morning walk as usual, but she noticed people out in their yards. As she passed each yard they were clapping and cheering for her, “go Margie”, “we’re proud of you Margie”, “congratulations Margie!” She said tears of happiness flowed through her entire walk that morning as over a hundred people cheered her on all along her route! Be encouraged!

3. The visible signs of progress in a weight loss program are often very slow to come. Healthy weight loss takes time, but that can be very discouraging. Be encouraged to know that for each day that you exercise and eat healthy foods in moderate quantities, you have made progress. It might not be measurable that day, but you have made progress and it will be measurable over a period of weeks and months. Be encouraged!

4. Katherine was 43 years-old and had been sedentary for 20 years. The scale had not changed in those 20 years – she still weighed 136 pounds, but she knew she had lost muscle and gained fat. Her waist was bigger and she couldn’t fit into the same size clothes that she did 20 years earlier. What bothered her most was that she was always tired and never had energy.

She decided to start walking and weight training but quit after a week. She said, “it’s too uncomfortable, I can’t keep doing this.” I encouraged her to continue and told her that it would get better. She “quit” three times during the next two weeks. We talked frequently. Six weeks later she started to notice some muscle tone and she noticed that her endurance and energy level had increased dramatically. She said, “I’m very encouraged!”

Eight months later she had gained two pounds on the scale but lost three inches in her waist – and she walked a marathon! Yeeeeeeesss! Be encouraged!

5. The whole idea behind physical training is that you push your body to do a little more than it’s comfortable with and it responds by making physical and physiological changes. These changes make you capable of doing a little more with less discomfort. Be encouraged!

6. Gerald in New Orleans, Louisiana lost 85 pounds after he started walking and weight training. Once he had lost the weight, he decided to do something that would allow him to fully appreciate his weight loss. For an entire day, he carried around a sack that contained 85 pounds of metal weights.

Getting around during that day was a struggle and very tiring. At the end of the day he was exhausted! Life without the weight is great! Be encouraged!

7. Keep records of your progress. Every day write down the positive changes you’ve noticed and also keep a record of the exercise you do every day. Write down what you did, how long you did it, and any thoughts about your exercise that day. Keep a running total of your minutes. You can look back at what you’ve done with a great sense of accomplishment and you’ll be motivated to do more. Be encouraged!

8. Daily exercise will change your life! I believe God designed humans to be active on a daily basis. Why? because when you are, lots of good things happen..

– you are healthier

– you feel better and have more energy

– you are less likely to develop cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.

– you sleep better

– you have a better outlook on life

– your relationships with people are enhanced

– your skin looks healthier

– you are sick less often

– your immune system is stronger

– you lose fat

– you gain toned, lean muscle

– you look healthier

Be encouraged!

9. Betty Jo in Tuscaloosa, Alabama wrote to me.. “Greg, After 24 years of being married to a grouchy, pessimistic man who didn’t enjoy life, I saw all that change over a period of about a year. Harold was the classic 70 pound overweight couch potato when he was scared into exercising and healthier eating habits by the death of his 46 year-old friend.”

Harold’s doctor recommended that he start walking every morning and after a couple of weeks Harold told Betty Jo that he wanted to start eating better. Harold really took-off with this “health thing” and lost 72 pounds and become a new man – inside and out. In Betty Jo’s words, “I have a new husband. He walks for an hour every morning and he is a joy to be around. His enthusiasm for life makes our marriage fun.” Be encouraged! 10. Progress and improvement generate encouragement. YOU can progress and improve and be encouraged to do more. Tomorrow morning, put on your walking shoes and take a walk, even if it’s just a few minutes. The next day, do it again – progress and improve.

Be encouraged!

copyright 2001 by Greg Landry, M.S.

Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss – Yes There is a Difference!

In order to lose weight, your body must burn more calories than it takes in, but keep in mind that your body needs calories for energy and when you exercise your body needs even more calories. Before I talk about energy, the first thing you must understand is that losing weight and losing fat is not the same thing. Just because you lose weight, does not mean you lose fat, and just because you lose fat, does not mean you lose weight. When people talk about losing weight, what the really want to do is lose the excess fat on their body and obtain an attractive figure.

When you eat, the body uses most of the calories for energy. If you eat more calories than the body uses, it will get stored as fat. If you do not consume enough calories per day you will lose weight, but you will also lose energy. When you do not consume enough energy (calories) for your body, it will start using up your energy stores to make up for the energy deficiency. Unfortunately, the energy stores used is not your stored fat, but instead it’s protein and carbohydrates (carbs) that will supply most of the energy (stored fat makes up a very small percentage). Your body will take the protein and carbohydrates from your muscle cells; causing your muscle mass to reduce (say goodby to that toned attractive look) which forces your metabolism to decrease (a low metabolism = slow or no fat burning). When this happens your body requires less energy to maintain its new lower body weight (remember the body weight is lower because you loss muscle), which is why your body conserves energy by slowing down the metabolism. In other words, the body has adapted to the new lower energy (calorie) intake which means that you will no longer continue to lose weight.

Keep in mind that the weight you had lost in the first place was mostly water weight and you will eventually gain it back in the form of fat, not muscle (in order to get your muscle mass back to the way it was before, you have to work on rebuilding it). When carbohydrates and protein that are already in your body are used as the energy source, your body will lose water weight because both carbohydrates and protein hold water in the cells. In essence, you are dehydrating yourself to lose weight. So yes the scale will go down, but approximately 75% (if not more) of it is water instead of fat. And just so you know, exercising while consuming a small calorie intake just makes the situation worse. This is because when you exercise, you start burning off more energy and the more you workout, the more energy your body needs. I already told you above where the energy comes from, and if you do not give your body the energy it needs, it will just feed on your muscles even quicker now that you are exercising. So eat more food! In addition to this, when you cut down too much on your calorie intake, your body will start storing calories because it doesn’t know when you will eat again. The calories that are stored will be stored as fat. So in other words, when your body is storing energy, it’s basically storing more fat.

To summarize my point: Not eating enough calories results in muscle loss, dehydration, slower fat burning, and your body will always adapt to a lower calorie intake.

Bottom Line: if you can’t maintain that lower calorie intake for the rest of your life, you will gain your weight back when you get tired of starving yourself!

To lose weight properly (burning fat) you must increase your metabolism (weight training) and your need for oxygen (aerobics) while eating enough calories each day (nutritious diet) to give you energy and maintain the protein in your muscles because protein helps build muscles, which indirectly burns fat. This brings up another good point: When you build muscle your weight will increase because your muscles are made up of mostly water, but your body fat percentage will decrease because building muscles increase your metabolism (in other words, muscles way more than fat, but take up less space than fat). So keep in mind that losing body fat can’t be measured by a scale; use a measuring tape and also look at yourself in the mirror, and then you will see the true results. One of the best ways to know if you are losing more body fat than water is by using a body fat analyzer.

Make sure that you focus on fat loss not weight loss. Your goal should be to lose weight by burning fat, not losing water from your muscles. Remember this when you choose your weight loss program.

Weight Loss – The Best And Worst Steps to Take to Kick Start Your Diet Plan

If you are on a healthy eating diet plan right now, there is one thing you can be sure of: there are some major do’s and don’ts. Too many people get into the habit of looking at one aspect of the plan and focus on that exclusively. For instance, it might be calories, so they think about their calorie intake, and that becomes their primary focus. They look at eating low carbs, and carbohydrates become their primary focus 24 hours a day.

It is crucial you do not miss the big picture here. Take a step back and look at the best and worst steps you could take on your diet plan…

Best: Eat More Greens. There is no doubt about it; you need to eat more greens. Any fresh produce will do. Get it in – the more, the better.

Worst: Drink Your Calories. One point to focus on avoiding is drinking your calories. When you drink your calories, you are not going to get the same satiety benefits you would if you ate them; therefore you may find yourself consuming more calories than you initially planned. Focus on food calories and drink water. The only exception to this is with protein powder shakes.

Best: Add More Protein. Speaking of protein powder, do focus on including more protein in your diet. Most people are not eating enough, so more will do you well. Chicken, fish, turkey, lean steak, eggs, protein powder – all are excellent sources.

Worst: Go To Extremes. Another step you can take is to ensure you do not go to extremes. Avoid eating an ultra-low calorie diet plan as this will only lead to a sluggish metabolism and stalled fat loss.

Avoid cutting all carbs or fats out of your diet plan – you need those nutrients. Balance is critical.

Best: Eat More Omega-3 Fats. It is essential to take in enough omega-3 fatty acids, and this is another area where many people fall short. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the healthiest nutrients you can eat, so be mindful about including them. Salmon, flaxseed, and walnuts are all great choices.

Worst: Forget About Nutritional Value. Finally, make sure you do not become so caught up in watching the calorie numbers you forget to consider the actual nutritional value of the food you choose. Does the food contain sufficient nutrients for example, or will the food be considered empty calories? A diet full of processed foods is never going to be a good option.

If you keep these tips in mind, you should be on your way to eating healthier than ever.

Weight Loss Tips – The Top 10

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight and keeping it off isn’t difficult – all you need is a few changes and the motivation to get you started. Not sure where to begin? Have a look at these great tips for easy weight loss…

1) Keep a Food and Exercise Diary

This is a great way of keeping track of your foods, drinks and how much you have worked out over a week. Be honest with yourself and write down everything – even if you have a bad day.

2) Exercise to Maintain Weight Loss

Exercise helps you burn fat and calories and also helps boost your metabolic rate, even when you’re resting so try to work your way up to doing a 30 minute workout 5 days a week.

3) Measure Food Amounts at Home

Weigh out foods and don’t eat too much of the ‘wrong’ thing. For example if a recipe tells you to use 2tbsp dressing, don’t go over this as a few more excess measurements all adds up to excess calories.

4) Still Eat Foods you Like

Have a rare treat so that you don’t feel too deprived – just don’t let a small treat turn into a big binge of crisps, chocolate, alcohol and fast food – you’ll destroy all the hard work you’ve put in!

5) Think Long Term – Not Short Term

Losing weight fast is what everyone wants, but losing weight slowly actually allows your body to adjust and keep weight off for longer. Set goals for losing weight but think of it as a long term venture.

6) Savour Your Food

When you eat – enjoy it! Chew and enjoy the textures and flavours of your food – this will keep you fuller for longer and will reduce the likelihood of you reaching for the unhealthy snacks later.

7) Increase Workout Intensity

As a beginner you may be able to manage short workouts 2-3 times a week. Find the time to exercise and gradually increase your workout program to help you keep the weight off.

8) Keep Motivated

Buy yourself treats such as new clothes to celebrate your weight loss, work towards your goals such as having energy to play in the garden with your children – anything that keeps you motivated.

9) Weigh Yourself Once a Week

Weighing yourself everyday is a bad idea – weight fluctuates when muscle mass etc is varying. Have a weekly weigh in (i.e. on Monday morning before breakfast) and use it as motivation for the next week’s weight loss.

10) Enjoy Your Workout!

Performing the same workout day after day means that your body gets used to it, therefore making it less effective each time you do it. Varying your workout keeps it exciting and if you’re enjoying it, you’re more likely to put more effort in. Go cycling, swim, do dance classes, play football in the park, go jogging and mix up your workout regime and your body will continue to burn fat.

Try out these 10 simple tips and you’ll not only be able to lose weight but also keep it off!